How to use Pallet Collars

Pallet Collars are extremely easy to use.



  1. Open up the pallet collar into a square

  2. Place the pallet collar over the edges of the pallet - ensuring the hinge flange slips over the pallet, locking the collar into place.

  3. Stack pallet collars on top of each other until your desired height is reached.
    (Note: instructions are for standard collars)

To install Divider Boards and Brackets:

  1. Place a metal bracket on each side of the pallet collar where you'd like the board to align.

  2. Slip the divider board into the metal brackets.

  3. Place more sets of brackets on the pallet collars and divider boards to break the pallet up into multiple sections.

Pallet Collars used in a nursery

Nursery Displays

Production parts in pallet collars 3

Organise Project Components

Pallet Collars used to store heavy

Heavy Item Storage

Pallet Collars used to store compone

Transport High Value Products

A warehouse using pallet collars

Improve Warehouse Organisation

Pallet Collars Storage

Utilise Static Space

Warehouse Pallet Collar Storage

Improve Warehouse Efficiency

Low height pallet collar storage

Stack Multiple Pallets

Component selection pallet colalrs

Segregate Pallets Into Stock Modules