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Pallet Collars is based in Eden, on New South Wale's Far South Coast. From our factory, we build and supply industrial quality Pallet Collars to businesses nationwide. 


As an Australian family-owned business, we are passionate about helping our customers reap the maximum benefit from our packaging and storage solutions. We love the fact that our customers are achieving a more efficient, safer and more secure storage and transport solution for their goods.


Time and again, our customers come back to us and say, “Why weren’t we using Pallet Collars before?” Their repeat business is a testimony to the value that Pallet Collars bring to their warehousing and transport operations; and testimony to our exceptional customer service.



On a trip to Sweden in the early 1990s, Pallet Collars owner Tony Esplin visited warehouse after warehouse and was struck by how neat and organised these warehouses were. The reason? They were using Pallet Collars.


Indeed, Pallet Collars have been used throughout Europe for over 30 years. Yet the storage solution had never made it to Australia. Tony sought to change that.


Tony invested in the equipment, custom-built a factory and found suppliers and in 1996, launched Pallet Collars Australia. Today we manufacture and supply tens of thousands of Pallet Collars every year.


With the exception of the hinges, which are made in Sweden, all of our products are made using Australian materials. In fact, ours are the only Australian made Pallet Collars on the market.


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